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Judi A. Hughes, M.Ed. School Psychologist/Educational Consultant

Maximizing Your Potential


This may be with parents, a student, a school team or an individual school admissions officer. 

As a school psychologist and educational consultant for over 20 years, I have had experience consulting in a majority of parochial, private and public schools within the Cincinnati area as well as several in the greater Tri-State area. I am a highly collaborative consultant and have good working relationships with counselors, teachers and administrators in schools that I am involved with. I have been recommended to families by several area school districts included on their "preferred list of independent evaluators". I have been involved as a consultant and independent evaluator to aid resolution and to participate in mediation proceedings with the Ohio Department of Education during due process disputes between school districts and families.

Consultation can center around:

  • Understanding the specific educational strengths and weaknesses of students with disabilities
  • Developing intervention plans and determining student eligibility for services/interventions/accommodations
  • Discussion of alternative educational environments. (My goal is generally to keep a student in the school they are currently enrolled and yet there are times when an alternative school should be considered).
  • Discussion of college transition issues
  • Discussion of different learning strategies
  • Discussions of ways to accommodate student learning needs
  • Review of past evaluations and intervention plans, accommodation plans and IEP's to determine next steps to support a student appropriately