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Judi A. Hughes, M.Ed. School Psychologist/Educational Consultant

Maximizing Your Potential

Academic Intervention

Students with disabilities, specifically those with Nonverbal LD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, receptive or expressive language delay and/or ADHD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related executive dysfunctions, require explicit individualized intervention to address skill weaknesses. I maintain a network of academic tutors in the Cincinnati area with varying expertise and specialized training. Once I understand a student's needs I can recommend resources and serve as liaison to implementing tutoring services as necessary. I can also then, consult with a family regarding best-fit educational environments.

In my practice, I also provide direct coaching for the high school and college student as well as adult clients. This is typically provided on a weekly or biweekly basis, in 45 to 60 minute sessions and supported with regular email and/or phone contact. 

The focus in my practice is on 1) goal setting and 2) teaching active multisensory strategies to support goal attainment accomplished through modeling and guided practice. Focus is often to improve study skills and executive functioning by providing assistance to break large tasks into incremental units that can be effectively sequenced. Specific targeted skills often involve improving:

  • time management
  • chronic procrastination
  • sustained mental alertness
  • attention to detail
  • organization of tasks and mateirials
  • self advocacy
  • social -pragmatic interactions
  • active reading strategies
  • improving behavior regulation and impulse control
  • prioritizing work
  • memorizing strategies
  • organization of extended written formulations